Note that this page is old and archived. The binaries are old and certificates expired. YMMV what you do with it.

I have opened a site for news, comments etc for mIRGGI at http://mirggi.jutut.fi/.

Where To Get It?

Current version is available at
5th edition
3rd edition
2nd edition (FP2, FP3)
2nd edition (FP0, FP1)

Note! If you get a certificate error while installing, go to Tools, App. mgr., Options, Settings. There you set Software installation to All. Then you can install mIRGGI.

Same in Finnish: HUOM! Jos asennuksessa valitetaan varmennevirheestä, tarkista Työkalut, Sovell. hall., Valinnat, Asetukset. Kohdassa Ohjelman asennus pitää olla valinta Kaikki.

How to Report Bugs

Yes, there are bugs in mIRGGI. Some more fatal than others. If the application crashes and you have a 3rd edition phone, please install Jukka's great Task-Y tool and the Crash Monitor plugin. Then start Task-Y, select crash monitor and Set On from the Options menu. Then run mIRGGI and do what you did when it crashed. Task-Y will log all errors so you can report them to me.

Bug reports should be sent to the mIRGGI blog to the specific version's release note.

What Is It?

mIRGGI is the first IRC client for S60 3rd Edition devices. It is also available for 2nd edition devices. It is currently in early stages because I just began writing it on 10th of March. I've been meaning to do this for a long time but haven't gotten to it. I don't like the J2ME IRC clients (one big reason is that they suck up a lot of memory on S60) and I don't like using PuTTY, especially on devices without keyboard. Also their fonts are quite ugly (I like small vector fonts, as is obvious from this release :)

This is a hobby project and mainly targeted at my needs but I will try to find some relaxing time to enhance it. And especially the things that bother me personally will get fixed fast. There are most certainly some bugs but I have successfully used it for several hours at a time via GPRS without problems.

mIRGGI has also been seen for a selected few as a terminal IRC client for Linux and Windows. Those versions haven't been updated for a loooong time and were never really released. I might do a version for Windows Mobile someday, too.

mIRGGI has been tested by me on Nokia N93, E70, E61, N73, N95 and E60. Others have used it on almost every S60 3rd Edition device (N80, N73, E61i, E90 etc). 2nd edition version has been tested by me on 6260 and N70.

For version history, future features, bug reporting etc check the blog.

How To Use It?

First, change the settings (they are automatically displayed when running mIRGGI for the first time). Input nick, username, realname and server. Press back and then connect.

If you want mIRGGI to connect to channels or open query windows on startup, input them to Auto windows setting. Separate channels and nicks with commas. If you need keys for channels, you can input them too. mIRGGI supports the following channel prefixes: # & ! +.

Example: #channel key,#channel2,!channel3 key2,nick1,nick2 will open #channel with a key, #channel2 without a key, !channel3 with key2 and query windows for nicks nick1 and nick2. These windows are numbered 1-4 and you can use keys 1-4 to quickswitch to them.

To input text, press enter or OK button. This will bring the cursor to the input line at the bottom of the screen. Press enter or OK to send the line/command. If you don't want to type anything, pressing OK/enter on an empty line disables inputting. If the line starts with / it is considered a command, otherwise the text is sent to the channel or query target.

When not inputting text, left/right change the windows. Also pressing 0-9 will jump to that window (0 is always the server window, channels and queries start from 1). Up/down will scroll the current window. At the moment, the window scrolls down when new text arrives. I know, this can be annoying sometimes.

Windows are created when joining to a channel or starting a query. They are not closed if you leave a channel at this time. You can close them manually by using /close. You can use /cquery command to change the nick in the current query window if the other party changes their nick.

Touch Screen?

To send the message just press enter on the virtual keyboard or if you're using the ITU-T number pad press zero three times to send enter.

To change channels, use volume up/down buttons.

What Commands Does It Support?

Commands start with / as usual and the following commands are supported: msg, nick, join, leave, part, query, cquery, mode, me, topic, away, who, whois, whowas. Mode accepts * as the first parameter which means the current channel.

All other lines starting with / are sent as-is to the server, like /quote command on some clients. So you can also send commands that are not on the list, you just might have to add : characters to certain places.

mIRGGI also should be CTCP compliant as it provides responses to these required CTCP messages: CLIENTINFO, VERSION, PING. mIRGGI does not yet implement sending these. CTCP ACTIONs are shown and sent.

mIRGGI supports the following character sets for encoding and decoding (anyone need per channel encoding settings? could be done someday):

If you need some other character sets, please tell me.


The translations have been done by great people donating their time. I wholeheartedly thank all of them. If you want to translate mIRGGI to an new language, please do! Instructions at mIRGGI blog.

Henrik Pihl
Richard Bukovansky
Timm Ganske
Martin Husted Hartvig
Tomasz Dominikowski
Tadej Gregorcic
Bruno Bord

I Want This And That or This Sucks or Anything!

Just drop a line at irc at mirggi.net.


mIRGGI is sponsored by Tokavuh Technologies oy.